12 Original DIY Home Decoration Ideas

Carol P5D
16.04.2015 10:59:09
There always are things that you can do yourself. Home décor is not an exception but vice versa – almost a rule! A little bit of this, a little bit of that, something new plus something old mixing with creativity and will and here we are - original décor.
Well, actually what you will need is some glue and things you want to work together. Ah, besides, you might also use DYI ideas below that seem perfect to us. 

So take a look, share and show your friends, also, we appreciate your comments very much.

1. Nature on your mirrors


2. Romantic [Christmas] hanging lights


3. Tricks with jars


4. Lightness with feathers and books



5. Or books attached to a wall


6. Old good vases filled


7. Or dressed in socks


8. Delightful food


9. Organisation by pots


10. Decoupage


11. Curtains closed

12. Classical candles


13. Pics


14. Vehicle


Found something of your taste or a have a better idea? Like the post and share it with your friends :).

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