Best Interior Design Style Based on Your Personality Type

How does your personality affect your interior design style? Let's take a look.

Stylish living room with mint sofa,coffee table, lamp, plants, pillows and elegant accessories
Design by personality type | Followtheflow on Shutterstock

How we decorate our homes has a lot to do with our personality types. There are many different design styles and colors that offer endless combinations for everyone. But have you ever asked yourself which style best suits your personality? To help you decide, let's look at the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and which style goes with each personality type.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular personality test developed by Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. It is a questionnaire based on the conceptual theory introduced by Carl Jung, which helps to realize how some people perceive the world and react to specific circumstances. Overall, there are 16 personality types defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and there is a design style for each of them.

ENFP Campaigner (Bohemian Style)

This personality type refers to people who are carefree spirit. They love to party and establish a strong connection with everyone around them. Campaigners are enthusiastic and free-spirited, and the style best fitting this personality is Boho.

Boho style bedroom
Boho for ENFP | brizmaker on Shutterstock

Boho (short for Bohemian design) style features rich colors and vibrant patterns, natural fabrics and comfort. There is nothing wrong with making the design look a bit messy. Campaigners reserve enough space for experiments, as they always opt for something bold and daring.

INFP Mediator (Shabby Chic Style)

Mediators are passionate on the inside and more reserved and quiet on the outside. They tend to bottle their feelings but have lots of empathy for others. For these individuals, a shabby chic style is a perfect choice. Open-concept interiors with lots of white and pastel color palettes are an ideal aesthetic for Mediators.

cream colored living rom with armchair, chairs, coffee table, and flowers
A shabby chic style for INFP types | Lapina on Shutterstock

ENTP Debater (Eclectic Style)

If you love taking on challenges or are excited about a chance to overcome a new obstacle, then you are a debater. For these types of people, rules exist only to be broken. As for the design style, eclectic is the best match, as it incorporates things some would never even try to put together in one room. Contrast is the driving force for eclectic designs.

living room with a rusty brown sofa, pillows, beanbag chairs, and pictures on the wall
An eclectic style is perfect for rule breakers | Ground Picture on Shutterstock

INTP Logician (Bauhaus Style)

The INTP type is all about decisiveness and easy going attitude. These personality types are not only thinkers but also interactors. Bauhaus can be an excellent option for them, as it combines high-tech elements and art.

a queen size wooden bed with pillows and two wooden bedside tables
Bauhaus is great for INTP personalities | Room27 on Shutterstock

Keeping the interior simple is the key feature of this style. Functionality is the main priority. At the same time, the home is supposed to be pleasing and relaxing, where logicians can develop their creative skills.

ESFJ: Consul (Classic Style)

The ESFJ types want their homes to be pleasing and inviting, just like they are. They enjoy being social and spend a lot of time with their families and friends. For this reason, a classical interior style will suit them the best, featuring some classical art as décor, traditional focal pieces, and elements to create a cozy and warming environment.

living room corner with white walls, a deep blue wing chair, and afireplace
Classic style for a classic type | Pinkystock on Shutterstock

ISFJ: Introvert (Transitional Style)

Being a reserved person is uncommon. Introverts usually prefer establishing strong connections only with people they can trust. On the other hand, this type of character requires a peaceful place where one may get away from the rat race to be alone and put all thoughts together. The transitional style would be a perfect option, as it can easily flow and integrate various design styles and approaches, simultaneously making the space practical and inspiring. ISFJs would appreciate any style without living restrictions.

a wood-dominated living room and open kitchen with a blue sofa, a laundry basket, a table and a chair
Style without restriction for ISFJ | Dariusz Jarzabek on Shutterstock

ESTJ: Executive (Modern Style)

Executives love their homes to be as functional and practical as possible. Every tiny detail has to make sense. So, the interior must be well-organized and perfectly structured right from the start. The key features include zero chaos and mess, minimum accessories, and an elegant atmosphere where everything is in its place.

a blue living room with a grey sofa and many cushins, a grey carpet, a kitchen cabinet
Modern for the executive types | mixphotos on Shutterstock

ISTJ: Logistician (Minimalist Style)

The Logistician is similar in personality to the Executive but has few significant differences. If you are an ISTJ, your main goal is to keep things as simple as possible. You are well-organized and always know what you will do next. Minimalism would be a perfect fit offering a perfectly structured space where you can always keep everything in line.

cream sofa in fron of wooden wall with a blue carpet, an oval coffee table, and a standing lamp
Minimalists for the ISTJ types | brizmaker on Shutterstock

ENFJ: Protagonist (Cottage Style)

ENFJ types are warmhearted personalities who love making others feel comfortable and welcome. People with an ENFJ type are like caring mothers who prefer light and spacious interiors with much natural light that features vintage décor and furniture. The protagonists' homes always look inviting and cozy, just like a cottage.

elegant living room with two rattan chairs, cream sofas, cushins of different color
The cottage style is perfect for protagonists | David Papazian on Shutterstock

INFJ: Advocate (Postmodern Style)

Advocates are generally nice and creative types, although some may consider them a bit reserved. They prefer a design with many different patterns and textures to bring life into the room. Nevertheless, they require an interior that supports their qualities and character.

elegant hall with glass panelled doors, mahogany cabinet, carpet
What does your style look like? | pics721 on Shutterstock

ESTP: Entrepreneur (Retro Style)

The fact that retro design can make the space look unconventional and extraordinary makes this style a perfect fit for people with ESTP personalities. They are spontaneous and prefer living a flexible life with no strict limitations.

Bold, bright colors, vintage furniture from a flea market or garage sale with unusual patterns, and other unconventional elements will do the trick when designing an interior for “entrepreneurs.”

ISTP: Independent (Mid-Century Modern Style)

People with strong individuality, like the ISTPs, prefer an uncomplicated and creative lifestyle. They require space to bring their most daring ideas to life.

brown- and grey-dominated living room with brown leather sofa, carpet, coffee table, and plants
Mid-century modern never goes out of style | Ground Picture on Shutterstock

This is where a mid-century modern style comes in. This style is about bold design solutions with a focus on furniture that is both functional and versatile. This is an excellent style for those who crave something more than just a traditional approach to creating unusual home decor.

ESFP: Entertainer (Hollywood Glam Style)

Entertainers love drama and a bold style. This ESFP personality is about the over-the-top accents, elegant decor, and furniture that put you in the limelight. Hollywood Glam design style is the best bet for people with this particular type of character, and it's easy to see why.

stylish bedroom with a big clock, queen size bed and grey cover, white pillows
Glam is definitely about drama | Ground Picture on Shutterstock

ISFP: Adventurer (Art Deco Style)

Unconventionality and artistry are the main features of people with an ISFP personality type. They adore surprises and always strive to think creatively. While Art Deco often comes with graphic prints, geometric elements, and sharp shapes, it will help “adventurers” create a quirky environment with no rules to follow.

bedroom with grey walls, black cupboard, pictures on the wall, light green bedding
Adapt Art Deco elements in you're ISFP personality | Ground Picture on Shutterstock

ENTJ: Commander (Industrial Style)

ENTJ personality types tend to be practical. They manage things in quite a straightforward manner and want everything to be their way. With its efficient and functional approach, the industrial style will suit them fine, focusing on practical rather than flashy components. Commanders would never appreciate an interior that looks incomplete.

industrial bedroom with grey bedding on a queen size bed, and an astronomical telescope

INTJ: Architect (Steampunk Style)

Combining old and new styles can seem off-putting for some people but not for Architects. Steampunk made a name for itself for utilizing industrial elements and blending them with exposed bricks, exclusive accessories, and intelligent décor to create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere.

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