Best Small Studio Apartment Designs

30.03.2015 09:24:23
Small isn’t always bad. Maybe a family with kids wouldn’t fit in, though for a student or a couple small space might suit well. Yes, this time we’re reviewing small studio apartments.

You say – small space causes problems? No no, not at all. Thoughtful planning can make something little into something really nice and comfortable to live in. Wait, you’ll also save money regarding lots of aspects.

So, less talking - find actual inspiring ideas that we hope will inspire you below.

Bright tones domination

Light colours and tones make spaces larger, cleaner and more positive to spend longer periods of time. Also, it is easy to arrange furniture and place items of any other colours and tones.





Dark tones domination

Dark colors give a sense of luxury and highlight other colors as well. You can see that several pieces of dark furniture or a dark accent like a wall or cushions makes a studio really stylish.






Any comments or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to leave them below! :)

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