Keep Your Home Warm In Winter With Timber Shutters

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, you might have noticed that your home was actually quite cold over winter. Did you know that, with the right window furnishings, you can increase the warmth of your home when the weather is bad? This is definitely something that you should consider before winter sets in next year, as it can help to prevent your family developing the flu. In this article, we have outlined the way that timber shutters can add warmth.

The Problem
The main cause of a freezing cold home is heat loss. Even with the heater turned on or the fireplace lit, the warmth created can seep out of the house and leave you in the cold. Whilst gaps and cracks are a common source of heat loss, glass windows and doors are actually the main culprits thanks to thermal radiation, heat conduction, convection and air leakage. Un-insulated clear class will absorb heat and allow it to pass outside (where it doesn’t do much good!).

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The Solution
If there is a lot of glass in your home, you will find that the addition of timber shutters goes a long way towards keeping the warmth inside, where it belongs. This is because they are great thermal insulators – they provide a physical barrier between the cold outside and the heat inside. We have found that shutters installed on the interior of the home perform better than those installed on the exterior, as the glass will still grow cold.

On top of their thermal insulation properties, shutters are a popular choice for many homeowners because they increase the value of your home and offer excellent design appeal. They can be painted in whatever colour you desire – from bright bolds to subdued neutrals – or they can be stained to display the beauty of the timber. They also complement all décors, from classic and traditional to modern and eccentric.

And you don’t have worry that your home will grow too hot during the summer – when the timber shutters are opened, natural breezes are permitted to pass through the space. Many homeowners also open them during fine winter days, allowing the weak sunlight to fill the space. When the shutters are closed at the end of the day, the warmth that was collected is trapped inside. This can actually lessen the heat you need to generate at night.

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The Conclusion
There are a number of shutter products that you can invest in for your home, all of them effective at helping to keep the building warm. Choose from an eco-friendly option (such as bamboo) or an authentic solid timber (such as white teak); there are such a variety of products on the market that we are sure you will find your perfect match quickly. The shutters will offer you versatility, privacy, light and ventilation control, and insulation.

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So, if you don’t want to suffer through another winter like you did this year, we recommend that you invest in timber shutters. They are sure to prevent warmth from leaving your home (as well as allow it in); you will certainly notice the difference!

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