Tips to Choosing the Right Rug on Any Budget

05.03.2015 15:38:44

When decorating a space it’s important that the different elements within the space work together and not against each other. The rug of choice is a selection that can bring it all together. To create a cozy space that will stand out and compliment itself, follow these tips to will suit any space, theme or budget.

Tip 1: Size matters

Your rug should always be anchored under your furniture.  This is a simple and fairly well known rule. Rugs that sit in the middle of the room can be done well when they serve a particular purpose. Such as, keeping the floor dry in the bathroom or
separating the area. However, for spaces such as the living, dining and bedroom, a larger rug that sits under multiple pieces of furniture, brings the pieces together to create a cohesive feeling.  This is essential in open concepts as rugs help define spaces within a large room.

Don’t do this:

Do this:

See how the rug creates a separate feeling from the rest of the room?

Tip 2: Understand what you need

Whatever your design is lacking can be incorporated through your rug.  If you have a muted design that is very minimal you can choose a rug with a pop or colour or add a contrast in texture. When colour is already dormant, texture will add interest to the space. This is the same the other way around. When you’re having difficulty incorporating colour, the rug is your best statement to add some flavour that will bring it all together.

Designed by Laura Stein (desiretoinspire.com)

This beautiful braided rug adds the right amount of texture without feeling overpowering.

Tip 3: Cut a few corners

We all know that the larger the rug the prettier the penny. There’s a trick to following the rules on a tighter budget. With a larger budget, your furniture can sit completely on top of the rug, making it completely visible from behind. This will define the area from any angle. However, don’t be afraid to cut a few inches. For those with less to work with simply having the front feet of your most of the furniture sitting on the rug is enough to create the separate feeling.

Designed by Laura Stein, (desiretoinspire.com)

Don’t you agree that this rug is just the right size to complete the look?

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16.04.2015 04:46:56
Jamie Bhyde
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22.07.2016 06:25:13
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