A Little Neon to Brighten Your Day

13.02.2015 11:11:29
Hi Planner 5D readers! My name is Jacquin and I’m the owner and editor of Interiors by Jacquin, an interior design company and inspirational interior design blog. I am glad to be a guest author for Planner 5D. Thanks for tuning in!  Let’s gets started!

Image via Desire to Inspire, Lucas Allen Photography

Since Neon is as bright as colors come, it seemed fitting to give you a dose of neon to brighten your day! You'll be surprised by how much neon decor can add to a room. It may just be the most underutilized and fun color palette around. Let's see if I can convince you to give neon a try!

Campbell Designs LLC, Image via Buttercup Bungalow

Isn't the hot pink office chair above energizing? Neon colors can be the perfect pick-me-up for an office. Trade your caffeine for color!

Image via Decoratrix, Style at Home

The neon orange, wishbone chairs featured in the breakfast nook above are so fun and playful! Not to mention, this mid-century modern kitchen has a wonderful eclectic feel to it with the display of the home owner’s lovely plate collection, all of which add to this room’s bright appearance. This nook looks like the perfect place to start one’s day!

Image via 101Woonideeen

This highlighter yellow rocking chair (above) adds the perfect amount of charm to this pink sitting area. The brass light fixture adds a special touch, as well, but the neon is the highlight of this happy look. I bet you’re really starting to warm up to neon now!

Designed by Brigida Graca, Image via Pinterest

Image via Decoist, Ital Design Furniture

And for the grand neon finale, an awe inspiring neon green chandelier! Because sometime neon is just the unexpected punch you need. So have these looks convinced you to give neon a try? Have a lovely day!

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