Stunning Interior Design in Montagu Square

03.04.2014 11:08:24

Interior Desires UK design studio completed a very classy interior design of a house in Montagu Square, London. The rooms are filled with light, the colors are juicy, and the atmosphere welcoming.

Living and dining spaces with a touch of boho chic

Contemporary boudoir bedroom

Sunny hall

Kids room

Cozy deck

The house presents a mix of different styles, perfectly combining with each other.

Comments (5)
Chris Welles-Pryor
love the pink and yellow combination with the turquoise
04.10.2014 01:49:50
Mersadez Nephew
this is a nice house
06.10.2014 18:07:57
Mersadez Nephew
yea i know prety right!!! lol
06.10.2014 18:08:16
Mersadez Nephew
i meant pretty
06.10.2014 18:08:23
Only two things to describe the interior of this home: WOW! and Stunning! When I decorate a room that is the effect I want even if someone does not particularly like my style. I still want it to be WOW! I do like your style to the max!
04.11.2014 21:28:37
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