5 Great Transformable Kids Spaces

31.10.2013 12:56:28

Italian design company Clei specializes in these transformable, space saving beds and desks that, as you can see in these photos, work perfectly for kids rooms.
#1 The contrast of bold colors like pink with neutral white and gray keep this bedroom young and playful without being offensively bright. 

What appears to be a normal desk folds down seamlessly to reveal a hidden murphy bed.

When fully revealed, the gray murphy bed is sturdy and comfortable while the original desk is carefully hidden away.

#2 This creative office area is colorful and bright, perfect for sparking the next great idea.

Shelving on casters make it easy to move, adjust, and get comfortable in the space in whatever way works best.

Even better, roll those shelves under the desk and it creates space for the hidden bed inside the wall unit. This cute modern office is now a cute modern guest room!

As it’s situated here, this office area has a small work space, plenty of light, and a cozy reading bench. But move a few throw pillows and a double bed can fold down with ease.

#3 As it stands here, a comfortable bed, a wide desk, and plenty of shelving and closet space make this room perfect for a kid of any age. But once again a hidden bed, this time a bunk bed, creates an instant space for guests of any age.

A fold down ladder makes the bunk bed safely accessible while the desk below becomes simple storage space.

Bright and bold greens and purples create a feminine look for this room that isn’t oppressively pink. Instead of folding down underneath the bed, this desk actually raises up and sits above the bed for additional storage and convenience.

The larger bed also folds up, creating an office or study area with plenty of gathering room or even space for a teenage dance party.

#5 Boys don’t tend to need as much closet space as girls, making this modular corner closet a perfect solution.

Fold up the double bed for extra space.

And fold down the narrow bed for extra sleeping space.

Whether you have a huge house and need some extra space for guests or less square footage but still want your kids to have comfortable sleep overs, these convertible beds offer an affordable, stylish solution for any room in the house.

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Oh, my God. Those are gorgeous pieces. You did such a beautiful job. The detailing is just amazing. My daughter would go crazy over these pieces. Recently I have purchased a set up kids furniture for my daughter with the help of “Mr Furniture”, which gets me more customer satisfaction. But you posted a really good post, so please keep it up.
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