Maison Moschino, A Miracle Hotel

11.06.2013 14:59:00

Maison Moschino designer hotel is a result of collaboration of Moschino fashion house and Stefano Ugolini, one the world's most visionary hoteliers. Maison Moschino is located in former first neoclassical 1840´s railway station building in central Milan.

Despite the exterior of the building looks nothing special, there’s a true miracle created inside. Fantasy world and reality are mixed up so tough in a beautiful way that you can never live this place without being touched by fairy tale. You will find here 65 contemporary hotel rooms inspired by different stories. Entering the Maison Moschino is like falling into the rabbit hole: you come to expect unexpected after a while.

The interior is decorated with astonishing designer pieces, such as elegant teacup table, tutu lamp, ceiling origami or a bed wearing ball-dress. Design of every room is absolutely unique and is ready to tell you a story you will never forget.

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Brynn Harvey
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Alena Bujnowski
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No name
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Joey Verspuij
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i wanna friggin go der :D
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Lolly Morgn
Very different design But gorgeous and stunning.
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Natalie Mapp
Ok, I'll kill for that last room.
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Shahri yaar
you guys just awesome
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Andrew Bannana King
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Tyshonda McCann
hi thats cool
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Andre Come-Lately
А что означает miracle? Здесь все несколько по-другому описано: https://preply.com/question/chto-oznachaet-miracle
11.05.2017 16:41:14
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