Palatable Palettes: 5 Great Kitchen Color Schemes

26.04.2013 13:18:46

There are no bad colors, just bad color combinations, and it's definitely possible to make any single color work in your home — it's all in how other colors and materials are incorporated with it. But how do you develop a cohesive color palette?

Warm Color Palette

If you love lots of bright and bold colors but don't want your kitchen to appear as if a rainbow exploded inside of it, consider working with analogous colors: colors next to each other on the color wheel. This potential palette features warm, analogous colors, plus a grounding neutral.

This kitchen features very bold splashes of warm oranges and red. The space feels exciting and energetic — great for entertaining.

Cool Color palette

This kitchen also features bold analogous colors, but it's on the cool end of the color wheel with shades of green and blue. It has a sophisticated and serene feel.

Splash of Green

An unexpected splash of color can be truly captivating. To prevent it from crossing the line to overwhelming, however, take a tip from this fresh and airy space by keeping all the other elements in the space neutral.

Here's another example of a palette that features one bold color with supporting neutrals.

Splash of Yellow

An example of a palette for a light and bright kitchen, with a kick of color.

This appealing, light-filled kitchen sports a band of color at the backsplash and via the dining chairs. This is a great option for someone who wants a very light, soothing and restrained palette but with a little twist.

Warm Rich Kitchen Palette

This kitchen makes me want to eat! And definitely drink some wine. The color red is said to be an appetite stimulant, which is why most fine dining establishments are painted shades of red rather than, say, green or blue. Red can be tricky to work with, though, because it tends to suck all the light from a room. Instead of painting your walls red, try using red in smaller chunks, such as the red range featured in an earlier kitchen, or as used here, in these beautiful cranberry-red cabinets.

A potential palette to stimulate one's appetite.

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